Artisan drinking chocolate & chocolate making workshops

Chocola means drinking chocolate together!

Chocola Artisan Chocolate

I have always had a mysterious attraction to CACAO, the main ingredient in chocolate. We think of it in its solid form, but chocolate was drunk, not eaten, for 9/10 of its existence. The period in time that excites me the most, is from the moment cacao was found, domesticated, and transformed some 3500 years ago, the whys & the hows of this relationship, and how this tiny bitter seed became important enough to be at the centre of all Mesoamerican cultures, playing an important role as food, socially, religiously, medically, and economically. That’s why I decided to open a space dedicate to the origin of “cacao”.

Enrol in my artisan chocolate workshop and experience chocolate making the same way it’s been prepared for 1000’s of years.


Visit us and enjoy a rich cup of drinking chocolate with a light lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00am til 2:00pm. Or join a workshop and make your very own chocolate from raw beans.

Taking our senses back in time, to the origin!

Chocola is where New Zealanders can get a glimpse of the amazingly humble cacao tree, the cheeky monkey , the beautiful flower, the hard working midget, the bright colors, shapes & forms of the cacao pod, the sweet white pulp, taste the bitter earthy flavour of the cacao bean, smell the unique of the pod, aroma of cacao and feel the texture of hand made chocolate.